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  • HydroGroom, Inc. is owned and operated by James (Jim) and Terresia Scoble. Jim designed and produced trolleys in Adelaide, South Australia for 25+ years prior to establishing Hydro Groom in the USA. His business "Conmurra Pet Supplies" was a major supplier at dog shows through out Australia. As well he operated a very successful retail storefront, "Conmurra" who manufactured, sold and serviced hydrobaths, trolleys, and airline crates and distributed a wide range of pet supplies. In 1998 Jim and Terresia relocated and renamed their company "Hydro Groom, Inc." to Reidsville, North Carolina in the USA.
Jim and Hydro Groom was instrumental in the design and manufacturing of the hydrobaths, a recirculating power bathing unit that was produced in a variety of models and colors. Hydrobaths was and still is a household word in Australia and positively is the fastest most effective and most economical bathing method system available to the pet industry.

Moving the manufacturing to the USA has resulted in the expansion and development of the Best in Show Trolley line to 7 models that meet the needs of toy and medium sized breeds as well as special orders for special request. The colors selection offered includes hammered and vein finishes, exciting candy colors, shimmers and dazzling sparkles. A variety of trolley accessories is now available to make dog shows even more fun and convenient.
The Best in Show Trolleys has changed the way we show dogs in the USA.